Bella Salon provides a full range of services to keep our clients looking and feeling their best.


Women's Haircut $45 - $75
Men's Haircut $35 - $55
Shampoo & Style $30 - $50
Color $65 - $85+
Partial Weave $65 - $85+
Full Weave $85 - $105+
Signature Up-do $45 - $55
Full Keratin Treatment Varies
Extensions Varies
Keratin Express Blowout Consultation

Facial Treatments

Deep Cleansing Facial (express)
All skin types, cleansing, exfoliation extraction, steaming, toning and mask designed for clarity of the skin. Plus microdermabrasion.
45 minutes $65
Full European Facial (essential)
The ultimate facial for all skin types. Treatment includes steaming, deep pore cleaning to remove impurities, extractions and exfoliation (with fruit Acid). Your skin is revitalized via a relaxing massage specifically designed to meet the needs of your skin through the use of essential oils and lavender oil to soothe and relax your skin, hands and arms. Next, we apply a custom blended mask for your skin type. Your facial is completed with a protective moisturizing treatment. Plus microdermabrasion.
65 minutes $65
Fruit Acid Purifying Treatment Acne
The first short-term, high performance method for treating skin types that have a tendency for acne. Red currants are particularly efficient for purifying and re-balancing oily skin. Treatments are recommended once a week for a total of six weeks to complete the entire series. Plus microdermabrasion.
30 minutes $65
Rejuvenation Treatment (spa)
This purifying and nutrient loaded treatment provides a natural, revitalizing beauty booster including deep cleansing, exfoliating (with fruit enzyme) and extraction (remove black heads and white heads), if necessary. Accompanied with special massage techniques for the needs of your skin through the use of essential oils on hands, arms, scalp and neck. Energizing for tired and dehydrated skin. Next, we apply a custom blended mask and moisturizing, plus foot reflexology. The results of this facial are impressive, deep penetration and extremely relaxing. Plus microdermabrasion.
120 minutes $75
Vitamin C Radiance Treatment
Our French purifying facial with vitamin C, one of nature's finest antioxidants, is one of the most effective ways of renewing the skin. Rejuvenating collagen and elastin fibers combat the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, bringing forth rejuvenating youthfulness, better elasticity, softening wrinkles and aiding in lightening pigmentation spots using sea plant extracts mixed into the skin. Sea plant is known for it's re-mineralizing and moisturizing effects. Plus microdermabrasion.
65 minutes $85
Collagen Anti-aging Treatment
Light and frequent exposure to ultra-violet rays are the main cause of premature aging of the skin. Total collagen treatment for the face and neck quickly rebuilds the tissues by fully hydrating and revitalizing the cells. France Laure's renowned collagen jojoba line blends collagen, elastin, jojoba oil, vitamin E and scents of jasmine to comabt visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and other sun damage. Our collagen ampule and sheet mask help the skin regain it's supplements and elasticity, while infusing the skin's tissue with oxygen. Plus microdermabraion.
90 minutes $85
Glycolic Acid Facial Treatment
This is a true exfoliating treatment that freshens and clarifies the complexion. Research on glycolics has revealed their ability to restart metabolism, regulate exfoliation, soften and return radiance and luminosity to the skin. Home care will also be recommended. Treatment recommended once a week for six weeks. Plus microdermabrsion.
40 minutes $65

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $15
Upper Lips $10
Chin or Jaw $12
Half Legs $35
Full Legs $55
Full Legs & Bikini $65
Full Arms $40
Half Arms $30
Underarms $20
Bikini $25
Chest or Back $45

Makeup Services

Make-up Application $40 - $50
Bridal Makeup Application $50
Make-up Lesson $35

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